Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As Hillary fights for nothing in West Virginia, her supporters' true colors come out...

Amy Poehler's spoof this past Saturday on SNL caught a lot of heat from Hillary supporters. In it Poehler who has played Hillary this campaign season declared herself a sore loser, said her supporters were racist and that she had no ethical standards.

It seemed to be the racist comment that really got stuck in the heads of the Hillary Supporters as the most offensive line. The problem is that her campaign has basically been running on desperation so long now that they might as well have put "VOTE WHITE" on her campaign signs.

Don't believe me?

Look at how the xenophobia ramps up when her supporters use Republican tactics to label him a "muslim" by tossing his middle name in there. Hillary basically perpetuated that myth with the infamous, "as far as I know" line which everyone knew to be bullshit.

That once again is a reminder of the third tenet of Poehler's satire, that Hillary has no ethical standards and will say anything to get elected.

Mathematically she has no chance. At this point she's just adding to the campaign debt she hopes the Obama campaign will pay off for her and she's only running out of spite to hurt Obama and further her chances for a 2012 bid. Although if Obama loses I am fairly certain that the spin Clinton wants, "he wasn't strong enough to beat McCain" will not trump the spin that "Obama was weakened because of how Hillary played dirty". Democrats will renounce her next bid well before Iowa, if she even gets that far.

There is only one place Hillary is winning, in her own head (oh and on that insane delusional fantasy site hillaryis44.org).

Want more proof that her VOTE WHITE campaign is working? Watch this news clip from West Virginia.

Then there was this from Bill Clinton:

"Hillary is in this race because of people like you and places like this and no matter what they say," Clinton said. "And no matter how much fun they make of your support of her and the fact that working people all over America have stuck with her, she thinks you're as smart as they are. She thinks you've got as much right to have your say as anybody else. And, you know, they make a lot of fun of me because I like to campaign in places like this, they say I have been exiled to rural America, as if that was a problem."

They try to pretend that because they are white that somehow makes them the every-man. They play down to people and try to do what Bush and Rove did which was to lie and act like you were a simpleton who can relate to them on their level and have a beer with them. Instead of telling them the truth... the truth being that instead of giving a fuck about someone having a beer with you, you need to have a leader who is smarter than you and as smart as can be to understand more of the world than you or your friends do.

You need to have a President who can figure things out like our economy and gas prices and the environment and yes how to bring our troops home safely. You need a smart president who can get us the health care we need and who can make peace with our neighbors and for Christ's sakes can read and understand intelligence briefings to protect us from attacks.

We need to look rural, country, uneducated, yes White voters in the eye and say... look, I care about you but I care about all of us and we need to have someone who is incredibly intelligent in there to fix things. A common guy just can't do it with how bad Bush has fucked up.

Nobody wants to do that because it implies that a certain part of the electorate are dumb. But it can be done in a way that is not as harsh and spells it out. Do we want four more years of disasterous gut instincts and same wrong headed decisions or do we want four years of turning this thing around?

Vote with your head not your gut.

Oh and stop being fucking racist. It's the 21st century damn it! If Adams and Jefferson had had their way slaves would have been given freedom in the Declaration of Independence. If they can figure it out in 1776 then some Americans are really too slow for words.

If we vote this November and Obama loses because he is black, than we should be shamed by every other country in the world as a complete and utter embarrassment and unworthy of the liberty our forefathers wrote of and fought for. Since we ourselves have no idea what the meaning of the word is if we're still so fucking ignorant as to vote for someone not based on their positions and principles but rather the color of their skin.

Shame on any person who votes based on skin color. May you get the misery you deserve from your vote.


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