Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting Back On Board with Obama

Look I am willing to admit I have been overly harsh with President Obama. I basically became a Liberal Independent when I felt like Obama's choices from his Right-Leaning Cabinet picks to his role in keeping liberals and advocates for Single Payer away from the table during the Health Care Reform Negotiations. Also his staffers openly mocked and attacked us while staying quiet on FOX for the most part.

I still don't think we got a great deal with Obamacare, but it's the best we can get for now and states that want to not implement it are doing so for political reasonings to hurt Obama. I still am not happy with the NDAA or the continuation of Bush policies on Domestic Terror. I'm still not looking to come back to the Democratic fold even. I will vote for the Democrats that deserve it and where I can, vote for Green Party and other Liberal Candidates down-ballot.

But I need to credit Obama for living up to his word on withdrawal in Iraq and then coming to his senses on Gay Marriage.

Wait, you didn't hear? Yes. A sitting President came out in favor of Gay Marriage. All I can see online are sites filled with people applauding the decision. Of course that's because I refuse to visit Conservative websites since they are totally batshit insane.

Read it and weep, Conservatives:

Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Gone. DOMA? Obama asked the DOJ not to prosecute it any further. FINALLY, we're heading in the right direction.

I'm not 100% sure I am voting for Obama in November but it's pretty close. Like 99.5% sure. Not just on one issue mind you but since late last year he seems like a different President. One that has finally had enough of the Republican games and obstructionism.

The Left and Dems in particular lost HUGE in 2010. We did that, I think, because the attitude towards liberal change was so lackadaisical by this Administration that Liberals stayed home during midterms. Maybe they finally took note of that.

Let's hope so.

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