Monday, November 12, 2012

A Huge Forced Dose of Reality for Conservatives

Editor's Note: A quick post about the election. I haven't posted here much with Facebook to rant on and the immediacy that seems to provide but I got on board with Train Obama last year after he came around on Gay Marriage and basically after realizing a Romney Presidency would be a Third Term of Bush. So with that declaration out of the way, here's my commentary on the election aftermath and what it means about the beliefs the Conservative Movement carries.

They live and die on this phony set of beliefs but then they had to eat shit about a number of things the past few weeks...

Climate Change? Well Sandy sort of proved their anti-science attitude to be bullshit and over 70% of Americans now are on board with Climate Change as truth. Even mainstream media is finally reporting it as fact. Remember two weeks before Sandy, Fox was reporting that Climate Change was false and that Global Warming had ENDED. Oops!

Tax Cuts for Rich are Good Economic Policy? The Congressional Research Service did a non-partisan report that crushed that notion and Republicans had to scramble to try to kill the report before the election. They ended up with major egg on their face over that.

Polls are biased towards Democrats? Well they even tried to create a site to "unskew" the polls. Except if anyone was oversampled it was older, landline users. Most young people use cell phones and they weren't asked their opinion for the most part. Still the poll samples were steady enough for people like Nate Silver who used basic Math, another elitist institution of the Education snobs, to call all 50 states correct for the Presidential race and all but one Senate race.

The Majority of Americans Oppose Abortion Rights? You remember them saying this as they increasingly upped their attacks on George Tiller and other Abortion Doctors, the Kansas AG tried to make abortion records public to shame women, they went after Planned Parenthood funding and tried to make Abortion of any sort illegal everywhere they could? Well it turns out they were DEAD WRONG. They overreached with the rape comments but 60-70% of people that voted and were asked in exit polling, supported abortion rights. Turns out they have been wrong this entire time.

Most Americans oppose Gay Marriage? Well tell that to the three states that voted for Gay Marriage, the one state that voted to block a ban of it, the state that voted for the judge that declared it legal with his ruling and the country who via electoral and popular vote majorities voted for a President who came out in favor of gay marriage. Homophobia is a dying cause it seems.

Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al are truthtellers? It turns out everything they were telling their viewers was completely fabricated and they were wrong about pretty much everything. It's why so many Conservatives were and are STILL shell shocked by the results this past Tuesday.

And here's the big one: "America is a Conservative/Center-Right Nation". Well they now know: It's not. Even with Independents that broke for Romney, Democrats didn't even NEED them. They hold a Majority coalition where it counts most (ie not White Males) in the future and they are able to attract a broader base of voters. Even Fox is saying they are no longer the majority (they lament it, grumble about it and then say that these people are leeches, essentially).

This sort of set of revelations would usually get someone to think about their views and beliefs and do a little introspection about whether or not they have been listening to the correct sources. However I get the feeling that instead of self-correcting, they're going to insulate themselves further to protect their viewpoints.

I've already heard them blame the poor/minorities/women as people who want "stuff" so they haven't stopped their attacks. The Susan B. Anthony List fools said the Right was anti-abortion enough. Fox and the like are saying there was voter suppression (100% pure projection) and they aren't really soul searching anything over there. In fact they just plan to take more steps to obstruct and steal the next vote. McConnell and Boehner have made clear that they refuse to do any deals with Obama which isn't 100% based on what they want to do. They won't work with him on anything.

So that leads me to this question. If Conservatives keep following these people down this same path, knowing what they know now and after a barrage of facts just whooped their asses this past few weeks.... can we stop pretending these are serious people? Can we stop pretending that there are any smart, intellectual people on that side? Because for years people like Paul Ryan have been hailed as brilliant policy wonks when reality is we learned he has never done the math on his plans and really doesn't give a shit about how they would collapse the American economy. Ultimately he and his rich benefactors would get theirs.

It's time to call these people what they are: Thieves. They get elected to office to embezzle public funds via contracts and subsidies and then use their personal portfolios, future job prospects and campaigns and PAC funding as a money laundering operation to get money back on their investments. They don't care about anybody in the Middle Class. Fuck them. They don't line their pockets later.

Mitt Romney's 47% comment wasn't a slip. It was what they all believe. And so they use all of those lies I mentioned above to confuse the low information voters into thinking their cause is just and that most Americans agree with their premises. They've successfully conned these people into the voting booths for them a number of times. Last Tuesday should be a wake up call to the con that they have been played for, however I doubt these people are smart enough to come back to reality. Or some, will openly choose not to even with all of the facts in their plain view.

After all, for some people they really would rather take the Blue Pill. Ignorance is Bliss, it would seem.

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Unknown said...

Robert, the governor's association meeting revealed something interesting to me. The takeaway that the GOP only needs to correct the delivery of their message as opposed to rethink some fundamentals in accordance with the general direction of the country, lets me know one thing. The GOP advantage in rural areas where the social conservative hardline stance plays better will keep the GOP from making strident change to be more competitive on a national scale in coming years as the demographics continue to shift. And the messaging excuse ignores the fact that the platform adopted at the convention drew hard lines in and of itself on the social issues it appears cost them the general election.